Sustainability has become very important for both brands and consumers.

Hi, I'm Altamira, an alpaca from Peru. I’m very happy to be back to tell you my discoveries this week. Recently, I have caught the attention of many international buyers thanks to my beautiful fiber, but also because there is a story behind this. My story is based on origin, exclusivity, sustainability, tradition, and social impact. If you want to know more about why I am considered a green animal, don’t think anymore and continue reading!

Currently, one of the problems that affect our environment is “fast fashion” due to the large number of harmful chemicals used in their garments. Even though the quality is not the best, the price makes many of the consumers buy more clothes. 

However, in alpaca garments, the story is different because its fiber has low-fat content, so it uses much less energy and chemicals for the washing process and therefore has enormous ecological advantages over other materials, especially synthetics. This is a plus for our planet earth, which today suffers from terrible pollution.

Also, my fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, it can go from 16 to 18 microns to 30, it has about 22 natural colors in different shades, from white to black, and it is an excellent insulator, as my fiber retains heat when it is cold, but is also light and has cooling properties when it is hot. 

Natural dyeing process of alpaca fiber

In addition, my beautiful country has implemented a set of best practices to ensure my safety and well-being. To this end, it has numerous technical references that reinforce these high standards, especially concerning good shearing practices and the classification of my fiber. Our brand “Altamira” is based on these principles. We want the world to know more about alpacas and the sustainability that they have in the fashion industry by showing our beautiful garments and telling the environmental positive impact they have on the world.


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