We’re grateful to all our clients for being with us since day one. We found this business to protect everybody from the cold and bring warmth to each home. Our customers share with us not only their ideas, but they also send all of their love and good vibes to every garment we make. these are some of their thoughts about our business and the quality of our products:

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Barbara Dewitt

“From the first touch, you can feel the softness of the garment. Altamira’s scarves are so beautiful, lightweight, and stylish. The shawl I bought is unique and it’s very warm.”

Carey Korpi

“I love the quality of the material, It’s so soft and warm. Thanks to altamira, now i know what baby alpaca fiber is and all its benefits. I think is important to promote this kind of garment because it can last many years and doesn’t damage the environment. also, this business has nice accessories with unique designs.”

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Valerie Paquette

“I’ve never had such a soft and warm scarf! I love the weaving pattern because it is unique and very detailed. I feel special when i walk around wearing this as my friends are surprised and praise my outfit.”

Amey Rothman

“I consider myself as a fan of this slow fashion brand. The weavers create wonderful and special designs. Also, the support that Altamira gives them is admirable. I love all the accessories because they match everything!”

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Sarah Harrison

“My favorite hat is from Altamira collection. They have exclusive and unique accessories. I can see the effort and dedication of the weavers in each garment. For these reasons, I trust Altamira every winter season because their clothes protect me from the cold!”

Susan Dewitt Armstrong

“I bought a beautiful cape that is super soft and combines with everything! The detail of the weaving is incredible. Before buying the garment, I thought that the alpaca fiber was very itchy, but the fiber used is baby alpaca, and this is very comfortable and warm.”

All these words are an inspiration for us to be better every day. We put a lot of effort just to see smiles from our customers and bring them products of high quality.
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