NGO Contamos Contigo

One of the reasons why Altamira exists is to help the children of our artisans to have a better future.

ALTAMIRA LLC is supporting the Non-profit Contamos Contigo, 5 % of our profit goes to donate to this organization. Besides, since last November we started selling handwoven alpaca keychains to support the association.

The Peruvian NGO Contamos Contigo “We count on you” began in 2007, as a result of an invitation to participate in a Christmas campaign in favor of the children of Chincha in the town of El Carmen, a population that that year was severely affected by the Pisco earthquake. To bring some joy to the childrens, the organization started giving more than 2,500 toys.

That experience was so enriching that they decided to make a dream come true and continue helping remote and needy populations.

From that year until now “We Count on you” have not stopped with the Christmas campaigns, in different parts of Peru, on the mountain and jungle coast. Now also carrying out health, education, environmental protection and training campaigns depending on the specific needs of each place, always with the help of volunteers and the different private and state institutions that add to our social aid.

Altamira is committed to bringing more joy to our artisan’s children and still supporting them by giving them artisanal works, training these artisans to improve their skills.

Timeline of our social work

Since 2007 we’ve participated in different campaigns of “We count on you” to continue supporting the education and development of these wonderful children.

Special campaigns made with love

Ropa de Abrigo - Warm Clothing

Donations July 2019, warm clothing and Challabamba blankets. “We count on you” with the help of the Scouts of Peru collected 4 tons of blankets and warm clothes for the most vulnerable population in Cusco, in coordination with the municipality of Challabamba, its mayor and councilors, the aid was taken to very remote places in our sierra cusqueña, more than 10 communities were benefited.

Mameria Community Donations 2019 Clothing was delivered to the natives of the Mameria community in Cusco. This community is two days’ walk from the manu border with Madre de Dios.

Hot Cocoa Christmas

CHRISTMAS 2019 in rural schools multigrade classrooms, some communities in the most remote areas have small schools where few students of different years study, in these places the teachers teach everyone in the same room with a methodology according to their ages and study preferences.

Children with Disabilities

Due to the need to influence the parents of families about the importance of studying, of a school with special children, it promoted a godparent program where people interested in helping donated an amount to go with a gift and school supplies at Christmas. They will enroll the following year, in addition to giving them a uniform to continue their classes. This generated great acceptance by parents and lowered the dropout rate at this center, all with the help of teachers and the principal.

In 2019, volunteers from Lima accompanied us to share with the children, get to know them and spend a nice day learning.


The NGO encourages study with teacher training and also with school campaigns to bring supplies that are very necessary to avoid school dropouts in rural areas.

Vaccination Campaigns

Bringing joy to children with special abilities, also NGO carries out health and vaccination campaigns, giving talks on personal hygiene and training parents to take good care of their minor children.

Covid-19 Campaign

This year due to the pandemic we had to move away but we still brought help to the families who needed it most, many families in Calca were left without any sustenance and the organization gave bags of housing that was delivered during the months of immobilization.

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