Weavers & Artisans

Our weavers are a source of talent, work, and creativity that give life to each of the pieces that are created with their hands.

Each of our weavers is the fundamental pillar of their families who with their dedication and love for their work manage to develop and promote a better future for their homes. Altamira has trained women in vulnerable situations.

They are empowered, talented, and persevering women who with their dedication and love for knitting can financially support their families. This weaving is reflected in the beautiful garments and accessories they produce. Each Altamira product has a story behind this and it helps to keep encouraging them to move forward. Altamira has trained women in vulnerable situations.

Did you know?...

Chicago and Boston

Our operations center is located in Chicago. And, our principal customers are in Boston. In these places, we show the talent of our weavers through garments they make with love and dedication. 

Lima and Cusco

Our weavers are Peruvian and they come from Lima and Cusco. Most of them have the goal of improving their future and for that reason, they put all their effort into their weaving. Thanks to this, they create unique and stylish pieces.  

Meet our Weavers and Artisans

Meet our Peruvian weavers who are located in the urban area of Lima and the rural area of Cusco.


Rosario has in their hands the ancient knitting techniques that permit her to create original garments and show to the world that alpaca fiber is a sustainable and stylish trend. She enjoys weaving and teaching us about all the knitting techniques that she knows.


Alejandrina makes contemporary designs from the high Peruvian Andes. As Rosario, she knows very well the ancient weaving techniques. Her mission is to create unique garments with natural fibers like baby alpaca and share all her knowledge with young women so that this beautiful art never ends


Miriam is a young weaver and single mother. Thanks to the hand weaving she has been able to be a source of income for her little daughter. She knits beautiful hats and gloves from alpaca fiber.


Luz is a weaver from Cusco who hand-weaves our accessories and beautiful Andean dolls. She started knitting when she was a child as following her family tradition. Her grandparents taught her how to knit with traditional materials. Also, they inculcated in her a passion for weaving and the importance of keeping ancestral weaving techniques alive. She has presented in her fabrics the pre-Inca style and uses traditional materials such as sheep’s wool and baby alpaca fiber.

Luz is a working woman who wants to expand her business and make more connections. She is achieving her goals by working in Altamira. Besides, her biggest motivation to continue knitting is her children because she wants them to be professionals and have a better future.


Cirilo is a farmer and artisan who lives in Sicuani, Cusco. He has an alpaca farm and uses ancestral weaving techniques to make unique alpaca ornaments and alpaca fur hats. Also, he enjoys teaching his two daughters how to make stuffed animals and fur hats made of baby alpaca fiber.

Cirilo is the head of his family, and thanks to hand weaving, he can provide better education to his children. For him, working with Altamira has been rewarding and helped him to give more exposure to his beautiful products.
Our weavers are incredibly talented, empowered, and persevering women. All their dedication and passion for weaving are reflected in the beautiful garments and accessories they produce. We are very compromised with them and want to support more families and communities. Remember that each of our products has a story behind and it helps to keep encouraging them to go forward.