Production Methods

Art made with love by talented hands


The art of weaving by hand has been refined in Peru over many Centuries. Fabrics woven by hand in this part of Peru are part of a continuous tradition that goes back countless generations.

The gorgeous hand work tells a story of love and beauty that has been hundreds of years in the making. You simply will not find fabric like this anywhere else in the world.


Hand-woven fabrics are part of Peru’s history and a tradition that has been passed from generation to generation. The manual work of our artisans has a history of love and dedication.

It is important to know that this art serves for the reconstruction of our history because it has found a form of language, through symbols and figures, which narrates the daily life of the various cultures that developed here for more than 6 thousand years.

Hand Finishing

All of our products are finished by hand and are backed by international Fair Trade, Social Responsibility and Environment certifications.

Our community of Artisans is an incredibly talented creative group whose character is reflected in every garment or accessory they produce. These individuals are the pillars of our brand, and of their own families. Their dedication and love of their work is outmatched only by the love and support they provide to their families and communities. They are why we do what we do.