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Women Ancestral Baby Alpaca Coat


The elaborate and sophisticated detail in handcrafted loom fabric enriches the new coat, a creation that illuminates the lapel collar. Fine alpaca threads make up this loom in different thicknesses giving it a touch of texture; comfortable volumes, and a belt that allows it to tighten the waist.

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  • ● Beautiful Modern Women Ancestral Coat
  • ● Sophisticated detail of a handmade loom enrich the coat
  • ● 60% Baby Alpaca, 40% wool
  • ● Fine alpaca threads make it up giving it a touch of texture
  • ● Comfortable volumes and a handmade collar complement the new coat
  • ● Breathable and hypoallergenic
  • ● Dry clean or hand wash in cold water
  • ● Made in Peru




Alpaca Fiber

  • ● Lighter and warmer than wool.
  • ● Luxuriously soft to the touch with a silky sheen.
  • ● Comfortable and versatile to wear.
  • ● Grows naturally in dozens of beautiful shades.
  • ● Hypoallergenic
  • ● Alpaca fiber use promotes sustainable agriculture in the Andes.
  • ● More about Alpaca Fiber


Altamira, a love story for alpaca fashion

Remember that Altamira is a company founded by Susan, a Peruvian woman who loves fashion and handmade weaving. Her love of textiles started when she was a child, and her two grandmothers knitted beautiful dresses and sweaters for her.

The skill of hand-weaving is a tradition in her family that has been passed down from generation to generation. She fondly remembers the story of her grandmothers, who relied on their abilities to weave and support their families financially. These stories made Susan feel great admiration for her grandmothers and the women in her family. Therefore, these wonderful girls have motivated her to follow her dreams and create this business to support and make many women feel better.

Also, each of our weavers is the fundamental pillar of their families, and their dedication and love for their work manage to develop and promote a better future for their homes. For that reason, Altamira has trained women in vulnerable situations. They are empowered, talented, and persevering women whose
dedication and love for knitting can financially support their families. This weaving is reflected in the beautiful garments and accessories they produce. So,  each Altamira product has a story behind this, and it helps to keep encouraging them to move forward.

Additionally, our weavers are Peruvian and come from Lima and Cusco. Most of them have the goal of improving their future, and for that reason, they put all their effort into their weaving. Thanks to this, they create unique and stylish pieces.

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