Altamira, A Story Of Empowerment

Altamira Collection was launched in August 2020

It began in Susan's childhood

“Altamira” is a company founded by Susan, a Peruvian woman who loves fashion and handmade weaving. Susan’s love of textiles started when she was a child, and her two grandmothers knitted beautiful dresses and sweaters for her.

The skill of hand-weaving is a tradition in Susan’s family that has been passed down from generation to generation. She fondly remembers the story of her grandmothers, who relied on their abilities to weave and support their families financially. These stories made Susan feel great admiration for her grandmothers and the women in her family. These wonderful girls have motivated her to follow her dreams and create this business that will support and make many women feel better.

Powerful women in Susan's family

Concepción Altamirano

Concepción Altamirano is Susan’s maternal grandmother, one of the women who inspired her to create “Altamira “. Concepcion comes from a large family. From a young age, she had fun knitting and creating clothes for herself. At the age of 17, she married her first love, Fidel, and they had 9 children.

The young couple had to fight against many adversities. One of them was a critical economic situation, so her husband Fidel had to work as a letter carrier at the Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). At the same time, she started cleaning houses and knitting sweaters for an American company to help her family economically.

However, the company she worked for was unfair with the rate of payment and did not support her when she had a family problem, so she decided to quit and started working on her own, selling products in the markets.

Concepción and Fidel are currently married couples living in Lima, Peru. They are very proud of Susan for having created “Altamira “.

Rosa Perez

Rosa Perez is Susan’s paternal grandmother. She was born in 1926 in Huanza, Huarochiri. At 24 years old, she became a mother and raised her daughter alone, but after years she married Hildebrando, Susan’s grandfather.

The happy couple had three more children and migrated from the rural town of Huanza to the urban city of Lima in search of new opportunities. Hildebrando started working at “Singer “, an American company dedicated to manufacturing sewing machines.

In 1975, Hildebrando died after a car accident, leaving Rosa alone with her four children. Rosa didn’t have an easy life, so she began to fix sewing machines, but she was not as good as her husband. However, she was determined to provide a good upbringing and education to her children.

Rosa was a strong and hardworking woman, so she set up a flower shop, but it didn’t give her enough income to support her home. She remembered her grandmother, who used to knit her clothes, so she decided to start weaving scarves to sell in street markets. Her four children turned professionals and Rosa liked to continue knitting for her grandchildren, especially Susan, who loved to wear the beautiful hats and scarves made by her beloved grandmother.

Rosa passed away after losing the battle against cancer in 2007, but her designs are always in Susan’s heart and now in Altamira’s collection of women’s clothing.

Ana María

Ana María Ana María Altamirano is Susan’s mother and the oldest of 9 siblings. She also has three more daughters, his triplets Sofia, Solange, and Shantal.

Susan has beautiful memories of her mother that marked her happy childhood. One of them is when she saw her put on makeup and get ready to go to work, causing Susan admiration for her mother for her style and dedication. Another memory of her is when her mother bought her a dress every month after she got paid. Ana María loved to spoil her daughter and wanted the best for her. She worked as a professor Assistant. In her spare time, she started to set up her own business, selling baby clothes. 

At the age of 30, Ana Maria decided to divorce and raise Susan alone. After many years, she gave herself a new opportunity in love. She got married again and had 3 beautiful daughters.  There is no doubt that Ana Maria is an example of perseverance and empowerment for Susan. She taught her that she should pursue and fight for her dreams.

Did you know?...

In honor of one of Susan’s grandmother’s last names, Altamirano, the name Altamira was born, which in English means “Looking high “. Through Altamira, we want to empower artisans and tell our story of love for weaving.

Susan and her mother in New York.